Elizabeth Amber is the author of the sexy series „Lords of Satyr“ which has been published in Germany by Droemer Knaur. (Photo: Copyright Elizabeth Amber)

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

You’re welcome, Julia.

Your satyr-series is very uncommon and sexy. At the moment vampires, angels, werewolves – paranormal creatures – are very sought after. Why should I as a reader try satyrs as heroes?

Perhaps because Satyrs are the ultimate alpha males. The half-human, half-satyr men in the Lords of Satyr series have strong sex drives and an equally strong instinct to protect what is theirs. They are fiercely loyal to their wives, to each other, to their families, and to the duty bequeathed to them by their ancestors. These are traits that appeal to me as a reader of romantic novels.

Your first series about the three brothers is finished. Did you think you’d be able to stay in that universe for even more books about satyrs?

I knew I had more to say about the Satyrs, but I wanted to start fresh with a change of setting. So after Dominic, I moved the series to Rome and gave the Roman Satyrs a new goal.

The Satyr family in Tuscany (Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic) is entrusted with guarding a gate between worlds. The family in Rome (Dane, Bastian, Sevin, Luc) must safeguard artifacts being excavated from the Roman Forum, many of which were created by their otherworldly ancestors. Because of their paranormal properties, these artifacts must not fall into human hands.

Both families are drawn to perform ancient carnal rituals that ensure the safely of both worlds. To heed their physical desires on certain special nights is bliss, to deny them is to perish.

Why did you pick Italy and that specific time frame for your books?

Italy was my choice because the mythological satyr are the carnal followers of the Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. So if there really were Satyr males in this world, they would likely be drawn to the occupation of their ancestors—winemaking. And Tuscany is renowned for its vineyards. Rome is known for the ancient art and artifacts found in its ancient Forum. The major excavations occurred in the 1800s. I also like the 1800s because the clothing is so beautiful and because men held the reins of power, which well-suited alpha males.

How did you research your books?

I studied Greco-Roman art history and archaeology at university and have participated in some digs, so I already had some basic knowledge about Roman mythology, archaeology, and the Italian setting. I did extensive reading about wine and vineyards. I visited vineyards and saw how grapes and olives grow.

Although I worked hard to get setting and historical details right, all of this was secondary to the plot, characters, and most importantly to me—to the romance and sexual tension in the books.

Where do you hide to write those steamy love making scenes?

In my author cave! I have a small, peaceful office all to myself, where I can write without being disturbed.

In April 2012 „Dane“ (Der Traum des Satyrs) will be out in Germany. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Dane begins the new trilogy of the Satyr lords who dwell in Rome. Unlike the Satyrs in Tuscany, these Roman brothers were born in ElseWorld. When they were young, their archaeologist parents were sent through the gate by the ElseWorld government. It is their duty to uncover artifacts in the Roman Forum and guard those that were created by creatures of their home world. Because of their paranormal properties, these artifacts must not be allowed to fall into the hands of humans.

In the States „Sevin“ will be out in April 2012. What can we look forward to?

Women come easily to Sevin and he’s extraordinarily successful in business. When he was only eighteen, he built the Salon di Passione, a high-class brothel and “entertainment house” that caters only to creatures of ElseWorld. No humans allowed. The building is hidden by a veil of magic and membership is by invitation only.

His youngest brother Lucien (Luc) was damaged during a lengthy imprisonment, yet also has immense psychic powers and unknown strength. Sevin watches over him.

In this book, both brothers find love. Sevin’s love interest is Alexa, his family’s sworn enemy. Luc’s is his healer, a woman a decade older than he who is secretly assigned to find out what he knows about a possible second gate between worlds.

How hard was it to get the Family Trees on your homepage right?

I keep a Lords of Satyr bible with basic statistics and important information about the characters. After each book, I update it. So it was fairly easy to get the names and dates together for the two Lords of Satyr family trees together. The family trees are printed for the first time in Bastian, and are updated in Sevin.

One tree includes the Satyr family in Tuscany. The second family tree includes the Satyr family in Rome. The two families have not interacted in the series so far.

Do you get fanmail from German fans?

Occasionally I do, which is wonderful. I’ve also gotten email from some nice bloggers. Like you! And I met Kris from Germany’s LoveLetter magazine at an RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference about a year and a half ago. She was nice enough to include a small article about Dominic in the January issue. A very sweet lady.

Are you going to write a new series? What topic would interest you most?

I’m working on a new sexy steampunk-light fantasy romance series. I haven’t sent it out to a publisher yet because it’s not ready. Will keep you posted!

Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to your next book.

Thank you, Julia. Great questions! Readers can find English excerpts and covers at my homepage.