For several years now I translate romance novels for publishers. If you’re looking for a professional translator for your self-published novel or for your way into the German book market, please get in contact with me and we will figure out how to make your novel a success.

Overview of my portfolio:

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Adventure-series by Enid Blyton:
#6 Das Schiff der Abenteuer
#7 Der Zirkus der Abenteuer

Dark Love-series by Kat T. Masen:
#1 Chasing Love
#3 Chasing Her
#4 Chasing Him
#5 Chasing Fate
#6 Chasing Heartbreak

Dirty-Series by Jaine Diamond:
#1 Dirty Like Me
#0.5 Dirty Like Us
#2 Dirty Like Brody
#4 Dirty Like Dylan
#5 Dirty Like Jude

Players-Series by Jaine Diamond:
#1 Hot Mess
#2 Filthy Beautiful
#3 Sweet Temptation
#4 Lovely Madness
#5 Flames and Flowers

Die Lykaner by Jenika Snow:
1. Big Bad Wolf
2. You Are Mine
3. The Hunger
4. The Alpha
5. Bite Marks
6. The Wild

Arizona Vengeance-Series by Sawyer Bennett:
2. Erik
4. Dax
6. Dominik

Surrender-Series by Lauren Smith:
1. The Gilded Cuff
2. The Gilded Cage
3. The Gilded Chain

Jenika Snow: The Vessel: Ein Erbe für Lucius

Katie Ashley: Drop Dead Sexy – Zum Sterben heiß!

Jenika Snow: Professor

Jenika Snow: The Kingdom

Alta Hensley: Captive Vow: Auf Ewig Dein

Linnea May: Caught

Leah Noir: These Boys Are Dangerous: Ein Liebesroman-Sammelband

Men of Haven-Series by Rhenna Morgan:
3. Haven Brotherhood: Claim & Protect
4. Haven Brotherhood: Tempted & Taken
5. Haven Brotherhood: Stand & Deliver
6. Haven Brotherhood: Down & Dirty

Wicked Horse-Series by Sawyer Bennett:
3. Wicked Need
4. Wicked Ride
5. Wicked Bond

Rhenna Morgan: Gypsy Cove: Liebe mich, wenn du dich traust

Hell’s Horsemen-Series by Madeline Sheehan:
1. Undeniable – Eva und Deuce
2. Unbeautifully – Danny und Ripper
3. Unattainable – Tegen und Cage
4. Unbeloved – Dorothys Entscheidung
5. Undeserving – Debbie und Preacher

Aces and Eights MC-Series by Nicole Jacquelyn:
1. Craving Constellations – Hautnah
2. Craving Redemption – Erlösung
3. Craving Absolution – Vergebung
4. Craving Resurrection – Erweckt

Hudson Valley-Series by Alice Clayton:
1. NUTS – Verrückt nach dir
2. Cream of the Crop – Erste Sahne
3. Buns – Unwiderstehlich

The Cocktail-Series by Alice Clayton:
1. WALLBANGER – Ein Nachbar zum Verlieben
2. Rusty Nailed – Die Liebe und das Leben
3. Screwdrivered – Wo die Liebe hinfällt
4. Mai Tai’d Up – Ein Doktor an der Leine
5. Last Call – Ende gut, alles gut

Fall Away-Series by Penelope Douglas:
2. Until You – Nur mit Dir
3. Rival – Bittersüße Liebe
4. Falling Away – Entfesselt
5. Aflame – Lichterloh