Debbie Macomber 2016 InterviewDebbie Macomber’s books have been a pleasure that has also been discovered by the TV-studios. Thus we could watch „Cedar Cove“ with the adorable Andy MacDowell. Now her series about Rose Harbor has been translated and published in Germany. Time for asking a few questions. (Foto: Copyright Dan Gregory Meyer)

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.
You are a very popular author. How does it feel to know that there are millions of readers out there waiting patiently for your next novel?

This is a dream come true for me to know that readers around the world are enjoying my stories.

How do you find the time to write all of your novels while still having time for your family and grandchildren?

Probably the most difficult aspect of being a successful author is finding the balance between my work life and my home life. While it would be easy for me to devote myself to my career, I made a determined effort to make my family a priority. We get together often as a family for sporting events and holidays. Several years ago I started what I call “Grandma Camp”. This is where I take my granddaughters away for a week and share my passions with them. We’ve traveled around the States together. I’ve taken them to my hometown of Yakima, Washington, and showed them parts of my childhood. Over the years I’ve come to treasure this time with them. My husband does this with the grandsons, too.

A new trend are the coloring books for adults. There is also one for your novels and work. How was the collaboration and did you have anything to say in the design of the book?

Surprisingly I had quite a bit of input into the adult coloring book. Each one of the potential pages of artwork was gone over by me and my staff with suggestions and comments. It was a fun process and the artwork is creative, beautiful and artistic. I think anyone who enjoys this form of relaxation will enjoy this special book.

Your very popular series Cedar Cove has been made into a TV series. How did you experience the whole procedure?

Having their work turned into a television series is the dream of every author. I feel both honored and blessed that Hallmark chose my series of books to launch their first original series. I was able to visit the filming site and read over the scripts, meet the actors and, probably the most exciting of all, make cameo appearances in two episodes.

In Germany we now have your Rose Harbor-series. What would you tell someone who is new to your work about this series?

This series is close to my heart and revolves around the life of Jo Marie Rose, a young war widow who buys a Bed & Breakfast called Rose Harbor Inn. Rose, in honor of her husband and Harbor because it will be a safe harbor for her guests. The first night she stays at the inn her deceased husband comes to her in a dream and tells her that she will find healing at the inn, and all those who come to stay will find that same healing. Each book features Jo Marie and a new set of guests.

What are the next projects you are working on? What can your readers look forward to?

I’ve started a new series of loosely connected stories. Each story is about a fresh beginning for the heroine. The first book in the series is titled „Last One Home“ and tells the story of Cassie, a woman who broke away from an abusive relationship and is looking to reconnect with her family after several years of separation. The second book in the series focuses on Cassie’s sister Nichole and Nichole’s mother-in-law, Leanne, who are both going through divorces. This story is titled „A Girl’s Guide to Moving On“. I’m now in the process of writing the third book in this series titled „If Not For You“, which is the story of a young woman breaking away from manipulative parents to forge her own way in life.

What do you want to tell your readers that hasn’t been addressed yet?

I’m excited to hear that German readers are enjoying my stories. My heritage is German. My maiden name is Adler, the German word for eagle, and my parents were bi-lingual.

Thank you so much for your time and all the best for your next books!