Debbie RaleighAlexandra Ivy is the author of „Guardians of Eternity“, a series with vampires, werewolves and a cute little gargyle. For Lazy Literature she found the time to answer some questions. (Photo: Copyright Kade Photography)

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.
How did it all start and what was first: Vampires or werewolves? 🙂

It started with a vampire in WHEN DARKNESS COMES. I actually didn’t include any Weres until the third book in the series. 🙂

With the eighth book you introduced the Sylvermyst as the race of the hero. Where did they come from since you already have vampires, werewolves, djinns and some other mysterious creatures of the night?

I wanted to show the darker side of the fairy world. I like the contrast of a race like the fey who are so beautiful possessing a traits of evil.

Levet is the beloved gargyle in the series. Did he worm his way into your heart, as well, or what is the reason that he shows up in all your novels about the „Guardians of Eternity“?

He was completely unexpected. 🙂 When he appeared in book two I only meant him to be a secondary character. But I fell in love with him as the book went on and I knew I had to have him in book three. Since then he just keeps popping up!

Your universe grows from book to book. Now we have vampires in another dimension like Gaius and the two children who are destined to throw the whole world off balance. How do you keep track of all those background informations?

It’s been a struggle…sigh. I really started the series planning on three books, so I didn’t really write out all the characters or maps or even back stories. It’s made the later books a real trial to keep straight!

It is a bit unusual to be able to read the view of the „bad guy“ in a romance novel. Was it planned by you to include those scenes or did they come natural?

They came natural since I love to read fantasy books that often have the point of view from the evil characters. I think it makes the conflict far more interesting if you can understand the motives of both sides. And of course, I occasionally love to make my bad guys a good guy in later books. 🙂

Some authors have written Young Adult novels, others have tried different pen names for different genres. Would Young Adult be something for you or are you flirting with a different genre?

I actually started my career writing Historical novels under the name Deborah Raleigh. I loved to write sweet, quick regencies, but I really don’t have time to do both genres now, but I do hope to return to them later!

What is your next project which we hopefully will be able to read in Germany, as well?

I’m writing a new series called the SENTINELS…it’s like the Avengers or Xmen only sexier. 🙂 The first book has been bought by my German publisher so it should be coming next year! I really, really excited by this new series. 🙂

Do you get fanmail from Germany?

I do have readers who contact me through my webpage or my facebook page, which is really exciting. I love, love, love to hear from them!

Would you like to tell your readers something else?

I would love to tell them just how much I appreciate them. It has been soooo much fun to write the Guardians and it would never have been possible without their constant support! I never forget my career is because of them!

Thanks so much!