Tawny Weber Author Photo croppedTawny Weber is the author of numerous romantic novellas and novels. For the „Cosmo Red-Hot Reads“-series she came up with „Fearless“, the start of her new „Girlz Guide“-series. (Photo: Copyright Tawny Weber)

Several of your novellas have been translated in Germany and been published by Cora in their series „Tiffany“. Do you get fan mail from German fans who have read those stories or your other books?

It’s always so fabulous to get copies of the Tiffany books. I’m delighted that my stories have been translated. I haven’t actually heard from any German readers. It’d be so fun if I did. I’d have to ask my grandmother to translate, which would make it twice as fun.

In September your novella „Fearless“ will be coming as ebook and as part of the Cosmo Red Hot Read line. How did you feel after hearing that your novella will be a part of that line?

I am so excited to be a part of the Cosmo Red Hot Reads line. Its going to be such a dynamic launch, with some fabulous authors and the tie in with Cosmopolitan Magazine guarantees its going to be very hot, very modern. And, of course, fun and fearless.

I hope readers enjoy FEARLESS. I had a great time writing it, and taking a very modern, Cosmo-esque spin on the classic Cinderella story. Gia, the heroine, is crazy about a guy she works with. Not only is he way out of her league, there are fraternization rules at work. So her friends use the Girlz Guide to figure out how to make her fantasy come true. This includes a total makeover, a trip to Las Vegas and, since it wouldn’t be a Cinderella story without them, a pair of very gorgeous shoes.

Fearless CoverThe novella is part of your Girlz Guide series and its kick-off. What can your readers expect from that very interesting title „Girlz Guide“?

Readers can expect sassy, sexy stories about this group of women who see what they want, and as a group figure out how to make that happen for each other. I’ll also have a Girlz Guide booklet for readers to check out on my website in September! In it they can read the Girlz Words of Wisdom, get some recipes and enjoy the fun.

Since your novellas are very steamy and you even have enough ideas for a whole author workshop concerning this topic – how do you get new ideas for those scenes that make the pages burn?

I turn to the characters for inspiration. Sort of like no two people are exactly alike, no two characters will be excited by the same thing. Somewhere between the character’s personalities, their emotional issues and the story hook I find my burning pages.

Your sexy fairy tales series „Karma Cafe“ is based on fairy tales – who’d have guessed that? 🙂 But how did you choose which ones you’d use and do you have a classic fairy tale that you still love to read nowadays?

I love writing sexy fairy tales and the Karma Café stories have been so fun. I envision many, many Karma Café novellas, and plan to use all of the fairy tales I know. Then I plan to learn some new ones and incorporate those, too. I started with the most known classics – Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, but am hoping to write Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince, Goldilocks and The Ugly Duckling in the near future.

My favorite classic Fairy Tale is Snow White and Rose Red, but my favorite Disney fairytale is Beauty and the Beast.

You’ve written several Christmas stories. What is the most appealing thing about them so that you often return to them?

I always think of Christmas as a magical time. As a child, it was my favorite time of the year and that feeling of hope and excitement never really faded. So writing love stories set around that feeling is like whipped cream on top of a very delicious hot fudge sundae. Both are great on their own, but together? Then they are extra magically delicious.

You also practice Intuitive Consulting. How do you go about that and what can your customers expect from you?

As writing has taken over more and more of my time, I’ve done less and less consulting. This will be the first year that I’m not working with any clients and its definitely something I miss, as it always kept my life in balance. The work I’d do always depended on the individual client. Some were interested in hypnotherapy, others in tarot readings, still others in Reiki or inner healing.

You’ve written „Love Writing“ with Virna DePaul, a guide to writing romances. Which part was the most fun for you in that collaboration and which memories do you connect with this work?

Virna DePaul is so fabulous! She’s not only a fabulous writer, she has an incredible way of looking at stories that I admire a lot. So the most fun was definitely spending time with Virna and learning from her analytical style. I really wish that was a skill of mine, but unfortunately it isn’t. Thankfully, now I have a great book to turn to, though.

Do you want to tell your German readers something else?

I would love to invite them to contact me and say hi. I’m so excited knowing my books are translated and available in Germany and hope the readers enjoy them!!

Thank you so much for the interview.