SEP New Publicity PhotoSusan Elizabeth Phillips is one of the most beloved authors in the romance sector and has even managed to leave that niche in the German market. Her newest book gave Lazy Literature the opportunity to get her to answer a few questions. (Photo: Copyright Peter Irman)

How do you keep in touch with your fans?

I love meeting fans in person, but that doesn’t happen as often as I like. (My 2011 German tour was unforgettable! I had so much fun.) My primary contact with readers is through FACEBOOK, my website, and my newsletter. Knowing readers all over the world are responding to my stories has been the single most incredible part of my career. Some days I have to pinch myself to believe my good fortune.

What was your inspiration for „Wer Ja sagt, muss sich wirklich trauen“ (The Great Escape) and given the opportunity would you have taken up with a stranger the way your heroine did?

Readers first met Lucy in „Wer will schon einen Traummann?“ (First Lady), and I think we all fell in love with her. I had to see how she turned out as an adult, which inspired me to introduce her again in „Der schönste Fehler meines Lebens“ (Call Me Irresistible). But we last see her at the end of chapter two as she flees her wedding to Ted Beaudine. Readers had to know what happened to her, and so did I. As for taking up with a stranger… I wouldn’t do a lot of things my heroines do. (But don’t we all wish we were as adventurous as they are?!)

Phillips_Wer ja sagtYou wrote a bit about your next project on your homepage. What is in store for your fans in the next novel?

I’m still writing it. As soon as there’s a title and publication date, I’ll let you know. (Make sure you’ve signed up for my newsletter mailing list. You won’t get spammed. I promise.) The idea for this books is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. New characters, including a VERY dangerous hero. (Or is he the villain?) I’m using a setting that’s fresh to me, I and have a heroine I adore. I’m not ready to say much more at this point, but it shouldn’t be too long before I start talking about it on Facebook.

Some of the authors have taken to a collaboration with graphic novel artists and published their novels as graphic novels. Do you have plans like that or would you be interested in exploring new art forms?

No plans, but I’m always interested in new things.

You have several videos on the web. What about that form of communication appeals to you the most?

I don’t necessarily favor video over other forms of communication. Basically, I love anything that helps me connect with readers.

You mentioned on your homepage your recent obsession with food books (Julia Child or Alex Prud’homme or Erica Bauermeister). Do you love to cook, too?

I enjoy experimenting with recipes, making healthy substitutions as frequently as possible. I’m kind of a nut about healthy eating, which doesn’t mean I can always resist plunging a spoon into a jar of Marshmallow Fluff. I also enjoy naming recipes after characters in my books. To access my webpage IN THE KITCHEN WITH SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS & “FRIENDS”, register for my Members Only Lounge.

Thank you!