RhianneRhianne Aile is the author of the „Cursed“-series which has been published by Cursed Side in Germany. She has taken the time to answer some questions for Lazy Literature. (Photo: Copyright Angela Hooper)

What was your first reaction when you heard that your novel would be coming out in Germany?

I was incredibly honored that Cursed Side was interested in Cursed and Betrayed, especially since they are not new releases in English. It makes me smile to know that people are still enjoying Tristan and Will’s stories.

What do you think of the new covers your novels received in Germany?

I love the new covers on the German editions. Cursed Side did a wonderful job capturing both the look of the characters and the mystical tone of the books.

Tristan 01What is the appeal of gay romance for you as a writer and as a reader?

I’ve met many other writers and readers in this genre, and my favorite question to ask is, „How did you start writing/reading gay romance?“ The answers of how they found it are varied, but they all have a common theme: no matter how they stumbled across the genre, once they read their first story, they were hooked. I was the same way. I’ve heard many explanations of why women find gay romance intriguing. For me, I think it is the ultimate Cinderella story. I read romance to experience that fantasy of people overcoming all obstacles to achieve their happily-ever-after. Gay couples have many more cultural obstacles to overcome.

Do you get fan mail from your readers all over the world?

I do. I love it when readers tell me their favorite parts of a story, the character that reminds them of someone they know, a line that made them laugh or cry. That is why I write – for those moments of connection with someone that I’ve never met, and may never meet, but now we share a memory.

How do you organize yourself in your writing – do you keep ledgers or files?

I’m not someone that outlines or keeps notes. There are times that a scene or a section of dialog will wake me up in the middle of the night, and I keep a notebook where I write those segments down until I know where they are going to go in the book, but for the most part, a story plays in my mind sort of like a movie. As I’m writing a scene, the next scene is playing in my mind.

Which of your other novels would you love to see in a different language and if you could choose which language would that be?

The novel I would most like to see translated is one that hasn’t been published yet, Shifting Moon. It is another shapeshifter story that has a very Asian setting. I patterned it off of rural Korea and would love to see it translated in Korean at some point.

Do you have contact with other authors of your genre or do you have a writing group where you can talk about your new ideas?

I have a very supportive group of writers that have been my support since I started writing. Any time I’m stuck, I can talk through a story, and they’ll get me moving again. When life takes over and my writing slows to a halt, they are the people that poke and prod me to find the time.

Aile_WilliamWhat topic will you choose for your next novel and what can readers look forward to?

The novel I’m writing now is a story about a close knit group of five friends. One of them is seriously injured in an automobile accident, and it changes everyone’s lives. The story is about how they support each other and build new relationships. The main character is the lover of the man who is injured. They end up falling in love all over again and finding a new happy ending.

Do you have any particular novels or comic books that you love to read and would recommend to your readers?

I have more books than I have shelf space, but there are a few books and authors that I pick up again and again when I really need to fall into a world to distract me from my own.
„The Change of Heart“-series by Mary Calmes. If you need a book to make you smile, try her „Frog“.
„The Nothingness of Ben“ and „The Return“ by Brad Boney.
All of the books by John Inman, but „Shy“ and „Hobbled“ are my favorites. I’ve woken my husband more than once laughing out loud while reading his books.

Thank you for this interview.