KathySmith2010101803Emma Wildes is the author of the „Notorious Bachelor“-series which has been published in Germany by Blanvalet. In February her new series „Ladies in Waiting“ will be out with the first book „Verlockung der Leidenschaft“ (One Whisper Away). Luckily for us German readers she took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions. (Photo: Credit goes to Jon McMahel)

Thank you for participating in this interview.

Very much my pleasure!

You have been writing a whole lot of books starting with e-books. What about e-publishing appealed to you?

I think it was that I had small children at home, it was difficult to jump through the hoops required to try and break down the doors of New York publishing just because of the long wait for a response, and so I tried e-publishing. I had a book specific to a publisher and I found a fabulous editor and we clicked right away. Jan Janssen at Whiskey Creek Press. One of my favorite people on this earth.

You love the Regency-period but if you had to write in another time period or even something in a different genre – what would you choose?

Contemporary crime novels. I do so already as I write suspense/thriller as Kate Watterson. I am a huge mystery buff. Frozen, a serial murder mystery, was released last month and seems to be doing well.

How do you get the love scenes so steamy? Is it hard writing them? I only know that it’s difficult translating them. 😉

You know, it is hard writing them. Not because of the physical part of it (we all know how it is done, after all), but because the emotional dynamic is always different between the characters. It really isn’t so much what they are doing, but what they are feeling. That’s the tricky part.

If you had to pick your favorite hero and heroine – who would they be and why?

Oh, that’s not fair…I don’t really have favorites, but I will say that the Earl of Heathton and his extremely independent wife, Alicia, in my new „Whispers of Scandal“ series (he really didn’t know that was what he was getting when he married her), are keeping me on my toes. I love her unpredictable nature—but it is really just as unpredictable to him, and as he is so canny in every other way, it is amusing to watch her confound him again and again.

How do you plan your books? Are you very organized and sketch everything out or are you more of a free spirit who figures the story out as it runs along?

Free spirit. Every step of the way.

You weave a strong thread of mystery into your romance novels. I suppose that’s where your love for mysteries comes through. What excites you about that genre?

My mother always read a lot of mysteries, so they were on the shelves for me to steal and read. I like the idea of figuring out the plot. Romance is intriguing too. What are they going to do next? It is all great fun.

How do you keep track of your series when there are more heroes and more storylines than one book?

I am not sure how I tumbled into writing multiple storylines/romances, but it seems to fit my style. It might have been when I turned in „Schön und Ungezähmt“ (Lessons from a Scarlet Lady) and my editor sent me a note carefully pointing out: You do realize your characters are married, right? I did know that…why can’t a marriage be romantic, especially if they still had a lot of conflict. On the other hand, I caught her point, so I gave my hero a younger brother with a very conflicted interest of his own. I enjoyed it so much I admit I became a little addicted to the dual storyline.

Do you get mail from your readers? How do you keep in touch with them?

I do get a lot of mail and my apologies if I don’t respond at once. I read it all myself (I have an assistant but I am never comfortable letting someone else answer a personal note) and love that readers take the time to write to me. How wonderful is that?

What’s up next from your writing desk?

Well, the „Whispers of Scandal“ series is keeping me busy (Ruined by Moonlight and A Most Improper Rumor), and Charred, a sequel to the last Kate Watterson book will be released in June. Between a Rake and a Hard Place has been out since February 1st in ebook, the second in the Pirates of London series.

Would you like to tell your German readers something else?

I wish I was there…I adore German food. Give me knockwurst and sauerkraut and I am a happy girl. Not to mention potato pancakes….and sauerbraten? Don’t get me started. Heaven. On my father’s side I am part German and it really shows. Okay, my food choices aside, I would love to say thank you to everyone for enjoying the books and best wishes for a wonderful 2013 <smiling and waving>

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.