Andrew Grey writes steamy and romantic boys love-novels that are currently published by Cursed Side in Germany. (Photo: Copyright Andrew Grey)

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.
When and how did you start writing? Was it always a passion of yours? 

I started writing in early 2007 because I had an idea for a story and thought I’d try follow the story to see where it led.  It ended with my first novel.

How did the collaboration with Cursed Side in Germany start and how do you like the new cover? 

I loved the cover.  I thought it was beautiful and very appropriate for the story.  As far as the collaboration with Cursed Side, that was arranged by my US publisher.

Do you get fanmail from German readers?

I have German Facebook friends and I do occasionally get emails from readers all over the world.  I have gotten emails in German and I’m always grateful my partner speaks German.  (He also cooks and we have a great love for German food.)

I loved your „Love Means… no shame“-novel. How did you come up with those two particular heroes?

Eli was inspired by a visit to an Amish bakery when I was a teenager.  I saw Eli behind the counter.  As for Geoff, he came from deep in my twisted imagination.

Your novels are very sexy but at the same time filled with romance. How do you come up with those scenes?

Those scenes come to me naturally.  I feel very strongly that the sex within a story needs to advance the story and the connection between the characters, otherwise I don’t include it.

When did you know that it would turn into a series and how did you choose the next heroes?

After I finished Love Means… No Shame I was curious about Len and Cliff’s story, so I wrote it and the rest of the stories came to me over time.  I never start out to write a series, it just happens, especially when I create a character I like.

On your homepage the information shows that there’s a novel coming out every month. How do you get the time to write all that? Are you very organized?

I write every day and make it a priority.  I rarely go to bed before completing my day’s writing and that’s after working full time.  I’m very dedicated and extremely organized.

I’m impressed. Do you still have (spare)time to read?

I don’t get to read as much as I like.  Right now I’m reading for a contest.  When I do read on my own, it’s almost exclusively M/M romantic fiction.  I used to read 2 to 3 books a week.  Now I read a book every 1 to 2 weeks.

I like the dialogues between your characters that are funny and humorous. Do you plan those encounters out or are they coming naturally to you?

Encounters between my characters are rarely planned way ahead of time and they tend to come naturally as my own sense of humor takes over.

If you could – which of your heroes would you like to meet in real life and get to question and talk to? What would you ask?

I’d meet Geoff form Love Means… No Shame and ask him to take me horseback riding.  Over the years, he’s become the character I’ve written about the most, from age 2 to approaching 50.  I know him inside and out and I would love to meet him and more importantly, be his friend.  I would hope if we met, that I’d also get to meet all the other characters from Laughton Farms.

Clever answer! 😉 What book will be out next in Germany? And what novel are you currently working on?

I believe Love Means… Courage is next in German, but other stories are in direct translation.  Currently I am writing a western cowboy novel entitled A Healing Range.  It’s the fifth story in my Range series.

Thank you for your time. I’m looking forward to the next novel in the series.